• Parents/Guardians of Byrd Avenue and Central Elementary Students,

    According to Bulletin 111: The Louisiana School, District, and State Accountability System, schools shall enter School Improvement by the following method of identification: any school with a School Performance Score (SPS) below 50.0 shall be an Academically Unacceptable School (AUS). Byrd Avenue and Central Elementary are identified as Academically Unacceptable receiving a SPS score of 45.2.

    This status label requires Bogalusa City Schools to offer School Choice to parents/students of these schools. However, Bogalusa City Schools only has one school per grade level, making choice within our district unavailable. Parents/guardians are welcome to negotiate acceptance of their child at a neighboring district. BCS will provide transportation to the parish lines. Transportation beyond the parish line must be set up by the parent/guardian with the neighboring district.  

    We hope that you will continue to allow your child to be educated in the Bogalusa City School System. Byrd Avenue and Central Elementary are implementing several initiatives to improve the education your child receives.  These high quality, research-based initiatives are specifically designed to increase the academic achievement of students in low performing schools. The initiatives will include an increase in professional development for our staff by state recommended partners, the development of site based curriculum teams to assist teachers in improving the delivery of the Louisiana Approved Tier I Curriculum in ELA, Math, and Science, participation by our staff in professional learning communities, and more opportunities for students to participate in remediation and enrichment.  

    Bogalusa City Schools is committed to improving the academic achievement of our students. We appreciate your concern for and involvement in your child’s educational experience. Please feel free to contact Byrd Avenue, Central Elementary, or the Bogalusa School Board Office at any time. In efforts to keep you informed each school will be sending home newsletters and conducting parent meetings.  We invite you to participate in the meetings, and to become an active member of the school improvement committee. We look forward to becoming more involved with you in the future.


    Lisa H. Tanner

    Superintendent of Bogalusa City Schools