Bogalusa City Schools Special Education Advisory Panel

  • The Bogalusa City School Board accepts applications for membership on the Bogalusa City Schools Special Education Advisory Council every two years.

    This council will meet three (3) times per year to provide advice and recommendations regarding special education policies, procedures, and resources.

    The council will also engage in outreach activities to the community at large to increase the level of knowledge, support, and collaboration with respect to special education.

    Members are being sought from the following stakeholder groups:

    • Parents or legal guardians of students with disabilities enrolled in Bogalusa City Schools
    • Teachers, Principals, and Paraprofessionals employed by Bogalusa City Schools
    • Adults with disabilities
    • Self-advocates (high school students with disabilities)
    • Members of organizations serving students with disabilities
    • Employers of students with disabilities
    • School Board Members
    • School student leadership

    Members will be appointed by Mrs. Lisa Tanner, Superintendent, on or before Wednesday, November 16, 2022. Members will serve a two (2) year term.

    To apply, please pick up an application at the Bogalusa City School Board office, 1705 Sullivan Drive, Bogalusa, or print off an application below.

    BCS Special Education Advisory Panel Membership Application

    All applications must be returned to Dr. Marie Gomez Goff, Director of Special Education, no later than Wednesday, November 2, 2022.