Pupil Appraisal

  • Bogalusa City Schools Pupil Appraisal Team assists children from birth to twenty-one years of age who have developmental delays, learning problems, adjustment problems, or other special needs by providing services to students, parents, and teachers including:

    • Screening/evaluation of infants and preschool children suspected of having developmental delays;
    • Screening/evaluation of preschoolers suspected of being gifted;
    • Assistance to teachers and parents in the development and implementation of behavioral and/or instructional interventions;
    • Consultation with parents, teachers, and other personnel on topics such as instructional or behavioral modifications, exceptional students, and student development;
    • Direct support services to students with learning or behavior problems;
    • Crisis intervention services;
    • Training of school personnel on selected topics;
    • Evaluation of students to determine the need for special services, such as special education, talented programs, or gifted programs;
    • Interpretation of evaluation findings to school personnel and parents;
    • Related services to exceptional students.

    Pupil Appraisal Services for children in school are accessed by a referral from the school’s School Building Level Committee (SBLC). This problem-solving, decision-making group meets to discuss concerns from teachers and parents about individual students who are experiencing academic or behavioral difficulty, or who are suspected of being gifted or talented.


    Bulletin 1508 - Pupil Appraisal Handbook

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