Hospital/Homebound Services

  • Hospital/Homebound is an alternative educational setting to provide students with instructional services during a temporary period of absence from school. These instructional services are provided by a certified teacher or consultative model in which both the following conditions exist:

    The student is enrolled in Bogalusa City Schools;

    The student is not able to be moved from the hospital or home environment to a full-time educational program as a result of physical illness, accident, or emotional crisis or the treatment thereof.

     Students who are enrolled in public school may qualify for Hospital/ Homebound services by obtaining medical documentation of need from the appropriate treating physician.

    Hospital/Homebound instructional services are designed to support general or special education students who, as a result of health care treatment, physical illness, accident, emotional crisis, or the treatment thereof, are temporarily unable to attend school.

    Hospital/Homebound services are provided in the hospital, home environment, or a neutral location when indicated. Services are provided by a certified teacher and should begin on the eleventh day following an absence of more than ten (10) consecutive days for a qualifying illness.

    Hospital/Homebound instruction should be used as a last resort after all other options or alternative schedules (i.e. half days, work packets, etc.) have been exhausted.

    Students may qualify for hospital/homebound services if the student is enrolled in the Bogalusa City School system and has a written request for services from the attending physician. Physician must be a specialist in the area for which the student is being placed on hospital/homebound, i.e. orthopedist, psychiatrist, obstetrician, etc.


    2018-2019 Hospital-Homebound Manual

    Hospital-Homebound Medical Certification

    Hospital-Homebound Eligibility Form

    Hospital-Homebound Approval Form

    Hospital-Homebound Agreement

    Hospital-Homebound Contract

    Hospital-Homebound Checklist

    Hospital-Homebound Assignments

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    Hospital-Homebound Travel Reimbursement

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