• Our Mission

    Our Human Resource Department is committed to providing outstanding service to all current and future Bogalusa City Schools employees. Our mission and operating practices seek to identify and retain employees who demonstrate and apply our shared vision of effective teaching in a 21st century learning environment.


    Current Job Openings

    Teaching applications are accepted year around. Applications can be presented to Karla McGehee, HR Director.

    If you are a qualified educator committed to making a difference in student’s lives, we welcome your consideration of the Bogalusa City Schools as a career choice.

    All Current Openings are posted in the Employment Tab of our homepage.



    Supporting Aspiring Teachers: PRAXIS – Click here to access the LDOE PRAXIS Support Guide.


    Application Process - Certified


    1. PREPARATION OF APPLICATION - Complete all sections of the application.

    2. DURATION - All applications are kept on file one (1) year from the date of the application. To maintain the application in an active status, the applicant must update the application every year. Calling the Human Resources Department can accomplish this process.

    3. NATIONAL TEACHER EXAM (NTE)/PRAXIS - National Teacher Exam/Praxis scores should accompany the application, unless applicant has a Louisiana Teaching Certificate. Photocopies or “Examinee Reports” will be accepted. Information about Louisiana requirements for the National Teacher Exam can be obtained by calling the Louisiana State Department of Education, Certification Department at 1-877-453-2721.

    4. CERTIFICATION - Provisional certification status may be granted to applicants who are certified in other states. Applicants uncertain of their eligibility for certification are urged to call the Louisiana Department of Education, Certification Department to clarify their status.

    5. SUPPLEMENTS - Applicants must include copies of the following documents: Current Teaching Certificate, Transcripts, NTE/Praxis scores (usually a Louisiana Teaching Certificate is submitted), and the Personal Information Sheet.

    6. REFERENCES - Please use Reference Form. A supervisor (Superintendent, Principal, Assistant Principal, School Supervisor of Student Teaching, College Professor, College Supervisor of Student Teaching) who would have first-hand knowledge of your character, personality, and teaching ability must complete and return them to our Human Resources Department. Please complete the top of the reference form by printing your name and social security number before giving it to your supervisor. You are responsible for giving forms to supervisors to complete. Please do not send them back to us incomplete.

    7. PREVIOUS EVALUATIONS - As mandated by Louisiana R.S. 17:388, Bogalusa City Schools is required to request your most recent evaluation results from your employer. This form is included in the application packet. Please complete the top section only and deliver to your current or most recent employer.

    8. COMPLETE APPLICATION - All sections of the application must be completed and the requested supplements (see #6) and references (see #7) be received by the Human Resources Department before an applicant can be considered for an interview.

    9. VACANCIES - Applicants may call (985) 281-2152 to inquire about vacancies. Information on vacancies can only be given to applicants with complete applications on file with our office.


    Bogalusa City Schools Teacher Salary Schedule - Click here


    The Bogalusa City School System is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


    The Bogalusa City School Board does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability in employment or the provision of service.


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