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    Principal – Dr. Eric C. Greely, Sr

    Assistant Principal – Dr. V. Branch

    Assistant Principal – Natasha Oatis

    July 18, 2022


    Key changes to improve academics, school culture and school safety

    Bogalusa High School would like to welcome back our students for another successful year. There are many changes taking place this year, to include welcoming 6th graders from Central Elementary, dress code updates, honor class offerings, and the opening of a BHS store to offer BHS merchandise to our community.

    We are excited to welcome 6th graders to BHS to begin their middle school experience. Middle school students will be housed in “A” building, on the second floor. They will enter and exit the building using the stairs closest to the cafeteria as they report to the gym, library or music building. We have established a middle school path that allows them to have minimal interaction with high school students. Also, we plan to move middle and high school students approximately five to seven minutes apart to minimize interactions as well.

    Additionally, middle school guidance counselor, Mrs. Sherry Burton’s office will be located at the end of the hallway. Ms. Temicka Johnson, former math teacher and new middle school Disciplinarian office will be in the middle of the second floor. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) counselors will be located on both floors of the “A” building to support middle and high school students. These relocations are being made to support middle school students and teachers to ensure our young middle school scholars feel they are in a safe learning environment. 

    Dress Code Updates

    Safety is the Key

    Zipper hoodies are allowed. Hoodies must be off and unzipped while on-campus, except during cold months ( below 60 degrees). Hoodies must always be unzipped and hoods off in the buildings.

    Black or grey sweatshirts are allowed for high school students. Yellow sweatshirts are allowed for middle school students.

    Crocs are not allowed.

    Students enrolled in P.E. classes must wear a P.E. uniform. Middle school shirts must be gold and high school shirts may be black or grey. All P.E. shorts are black. 

    Bandannas, hair rollers, hairnets on campus.


    Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. — Nelson Mandela


    “Every Point Counts”




    New or Updated Protocols


    The increase of school shootings over the past few years has made school districts think about how to protect students from an active shooter or intruder on campus. Protecting students includes items allowed on BHS campus by students.

    Last year, Bogalusa City School District purchased clear book bags for all students. BHS allows students the option of using a clear book bag or mesh book bag.  

    Crocs, slippers and slides are prohibited. Although Crocs are popular and students like them, the physical activities that take place on BHS campus make crocs risky for students. They don’t stay on during P.E. or during times students are running or horseplaying on campus. Crocs also risk students stubbing their toes or stepping on something that could cause injury because they come off so easily. The experts recommend students wear tennis shoes to school because they are safer.


    Back to School Merchandise

    Black/Gold PE Shirts $7

    BHS Sweatshirt - $13

    BHS Beanie - $11

    Laptop Case - $20

    Mesh Backpacks - $8


    Currently, students pay $75 if their school-issued computer is broken or damaged to replace. BHS is pleased to offer small computer cases/bags to protect your student’s computer in case of dropping it.

    9th Grade Academy

    This year’s 9th graders will be located in our previous math wing to encourage more academic focus. Math, Science, English and Social Studies classes are in the same hallway. This strategy will increase instructional minutes and decrease tardies. Additionally, ACT Prep will be offered to 9th graders this year because the Pre-ACT determines a student’s ability to enroll in high school Dual Enrollment (DE) classes to earn college credits and save dollars on tuition.


    Cell Phone Policy

    The board approved cell phone policy will be implemented at BHS as a strategy to improve LEAP 2025 scores and alleviate distractions. The policy states, “Cell phones or smart watches are not permitted on BCS grounds by students.” If confiscated, phones will be kept for thirty (30) days unless parent/guardian pays the fine.                                              







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